Pricing is based on tonnage. Every load is weighed so you get what you pay for!

1 cu. yard = approximately 2500-2700lbs depending on the material.

1 ton = 2000lbs

Delivery is based by zone on the map, which is derived by the location of delivery.

1-10 tons: Material based tonnage price + Straight delivery fee of 35$ or more depending on your zone.

11+ tons: Price will be determined per ton, based on your location zone.

call for a pricing quote. 814-774-8149

*please have your nearest cross street available

We have three truck sizes available:

1. 0-4 tons (single axel) approx. max total weight 17,000lbs

2. 0-10 tons (single axel) 36,000lbs

3. 10-22 tons (tri-axel) 73,000lbs